Administrative Coordinator - San Francisco

Administrative Coordinator


As an integral member of our engineering and design teams, the Administrative Coordinator will coordinate on a day-to-day basis to improve production efficiency and allow engineers and designers to focus on billable efforts. They will provide quality control on all outgoing material in regard to spelling, grammar, and DCI formatting standards. In addition, organization of project electronic and physical files for efficient access companywide.


Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent from four-year college; or two-years minimum related experience and training; or equivalent combination of education and experience.


Responsible for the following tasks, in addition to other tasks that may be assigned in order to assist the team.

Assist Engineers with Project Operations

-Print documents and deliver to engineers

-Make copies and collate as needed

-Scan large drawings and save to project files

-Assign project numbers to printing and copying to ensure they are accurately billed

-Review letters and reports for grammatical errors

-Edit electronic files, including formatting specifications, letters, and memos

-Store files and send to long-term storage, or recover files from long-term storage.

-Organize electronic files in project server according to DCI standards

-Download/upload incoming and outgoing project files and documents from/to client external serves, name and save those files to the appropriate project folder, document the date those files were received/sent

-On large projects coordinate with the client’s Project Administrator on proper project protocols in regard to administrative related tasks.

-Assist Project Managers with saving and filling invoicing markups and coordinating with the -Accounts Receivable Assistant

Shipping and Receiving

-Fill out transmittals, mailing labels, and envelopes for engineers. Save copies of all transmittals in the project files

-Package drawings, calculations, and other materials for shipment

-Schedule courier services and FedEx pick-ups

-Document incoming shipments and packages related to projects and deliver to staff


-Assist Project Managers with scheduling and confirming project and client meetings

-Make lunch, seminar, and business event reservations for Project Managers

-Coordinate with Office Assistant to maintain a conference room schedule and reserve it for project specific meetings and events

-Coordinate with Office Assistant to order food for project specific meetings and events

Database Entry

-Set up new project information in the database, including project name, phases, marketing related information, and fees

-Update the database with changes to projects or additional marketing information

Expense Reports

-Collect and organize receipts for engineers

-Complete expense reports, including coding of credit card statements for Associates, Associate Principals, and Principals

Client Contacts

-Collect business cards from engineering staff and enter contact information into Microsoft office or the CRM

-Update client contact information with any change of address or change of employment

Travel Arrangements

-Coordinate flight options and reserve flights

-Make reservations for hotels, rental cars, and other travel needs

-Assign project numbers to travel costs to ensure they are accurately billed

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San Francisco, CA

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