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Danielle Jacobs

Principal, Seattle

“Engineering allows form, function, and efficiency to work together.  It allows beautiful spaces to be built that are efficient, safe, and economically feasible.”

With experience designing steel, concrete, cold-formed steel, and wood framing systems, Danielle is a valuable leader who has been involved in a myriad of successful projects ranging from high-rise to retail, residential, and mixed-use. Danielle believes in working directly with clients, and having a collaborative and creative approach to designing buildings that are both beautiful and functional. By being able to identify potential issues and understanding her clients’ needs, Danielle is able to recognize the priorities of a project and to integrate innovative and sound technical skills to produce lasting designs.

  • What is your dream project location?Seattle-I enjoy building where I live. 
  • What is your favorite piece of historcal architecture?The Pantheon in Rome or the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona…it’s a tough choice
  • If you weren't an engineer, what would you be?Owner and chef of a bakery / bar / specialty food shop.



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