1775 Federal Apartments

1775 Federal Apartments

“I believe this is the wave of the future for a lot of multi-family housing.” 

Associate Matt Chiodini, OZ Architecture


New Stadium District: Modular apartments will exemplify development advantage

When complete, this five-story modular building will include 33 parking spots and 43 apartment units. Modular construction refers to pre-manufactured, wood units which are installed with finished rooms, bathroom fixtures, cabinets, and appliances upon delivery to the site. This construction approach is gaining popularity because of its quality control and process efficiency, labor and material cost-effectiveness, plus speedier time-to-market delivery schedule.

DCI Engineers worked carefully with the project team to design the modular units for out-of-state shipping logistics and successful installation. They determined precast concrete framing was ideal for the project’s street level podium. The client relied on DCI to specify precise modular unit dimensions and connection details to avoid misalignment during construction. The engineers strategically integrated the building’s mechanical system, framing plans and elevator system, plus the overall layout of corridors and tenant space. The modular components of the 1775 Federal Apartments were stacked on top of a street level concrete podium.    

Project Highlights

  • Pre-manufactured modular units provided quality control for the project team.
  • Modular layout is flexible for adding a balcony or more corridor space.
  • The 1 ½-in to 2-in air space between modular units and floor-to-floor systems assists with sound insulation.
  • 1775 Federal Apartments is located near a future neighborhood redevelopment south of the stadium.
Denver, Colorado
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