Data 1

Data 1

Being In The Hub: Work at the Center of the Universe

The five-story Data 1 office building will be part of the lively urban commerce frequented daily by public transit riders, cycling commuters, and pedestrians. Located in the neighborhood known as “The Center of the Universe,” the 125,000-sf space will include Class A office space, retail space, and two levels of below-grade parking. The commercial building will comprise of a steel frame system established in a concrete podium.

DCI will assist in Weber Thompson’s design criteria for 60% building transparency, a means to cast that percentage of natural light into the interior environment. The project team will determine the best structural framing system to accommodate unobstructed, open floor layouts. The project is expected to open in 2017.

Project Highlights

  • An actual piece of the Berlin Wall will be installed as part of the outdoor landscape.
  • There are plans to certify the building for LEED® Silver.
  • An anticipated 165 stalls will be on two levels of below-grade parking.
  • DCI was asked to be involved in the early phases of this project to contribute toward integrated cost efficiencies and streamlined construction processes.


Seattle, Washington
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