Homer Police Station

Homer Police Station

To Serve and Protect: Police station replaces outdated facility

With a facility not only outdated but a potential health risk to employees and prisoners, Homer’s police was in desperate need of a new building. Thanks to approved bond financing, the new, conventionally wood-framed facility includes a safer transition to the intake area and upgraded amenities: dispatch, crime lab, evidence storage, jail, department training space, and emergency operations center.

DCI Engineers designed the two-story wood-framed building with engineered wood I-joist floor framing and a prefabricated wood truss roof system.  The lateral force resisting system consists of plywood sheathed diaphragms supported by a combination of plywood sheathed wood shear walls and special reinforced masonry shear walls. 

Project Highlight


  •  Masonry walls are used for durability and security at areas like jail cells and armory areas.
  • ADA compliant building.
  • Includes a new garage space for evidence processing of vehicles.
Homer ,Alaska
Square Feet: 
Primary Material: 
Unreinforced Masonry
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