Hutton Elementary

Hutton Elementary

Historic Preservation:  Hutton Elementary freshens up for 600 students and community

Spokane Public Schools modernized the learning environment of Hutton Elementary, which was originally built in 1921. The project team refurbished the exterior Spanish colonial-style entrance, exterior stucco finishes, existing classroom areas, and the clay tile roof; strengthened the unreinforced masonry unit walls; reinforced floor systems of the original gym for an occupancy change; and arranged a common corridor to link the existing school to the new eastern addition of classrooms, multi-purpose room, kitchen, gymnasium, and support spaces.   

DCI Engineers analyzed the existing structural framing and building integrity, reviewed the 2012 International Building Code requirements, and provided voluntary upgrade options for the client. For the steel framed addition, the engineers designed the foundation, lateral system, floor framing, roof framing systems, and exterior wall systems.

Project Highlights

  • The renovations and new addition meets Washington State Sustainable Schools Protocol.
  • Engineers detailed HSS strongbacks and reinforcement framing to strengthen and tie-in URM walls to the roof framing.
  • The structural systems of the new addition are isolated from the existing building with a seismic isolation joint.
  • A new mechanical mezzanine was built in the existing attic.
  • The project team added a foundation drain to the existing cellar-type boiler room in response to the site’s high water table.
  • The project team configured a below-grade elevator stop a few feet above the boiler room floor, with a set of stairs extending the rest of the way to the ground level. The value-added design mitigated the cost of more rock excavation and the need for an elaborate foundation drain.
Spokane, Washington
Square Feet: 
Primary Material: 
Unreinforced Masonry

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