Looff Carrousel & The Riverfront Park Pavilion

Looff Carrousel & The Riverfront Park Pavilion

“I hope people realize what a treasure Spokane's carrousel is. It's absolutely irreplaceable. When you get on that horse, whichever one it is, you're riding a piece of history."

-Spokane resident Gerry Sperling, as quoted by Walker Construction

This two-landmark project is part of Spokane’s Riverfront Park transformation and includes a new $7 million glass rotunda. This 12,000-sf steel-framed structure is home to the refurbished Looff Carrousel, which opened to the people of Spokane in the early 1900s. The structure provides greater egress around the carrousel and is climate-controlled to protect the longevity of the ride’s historic wood carvings.  

The Riverfront Park Pavilion includes an elevated, steel-framed walkway and concrete platform for gathering spaces. 

Project Highlights

  • The dome roof over the carrousel is offset within the main roof and is constructed of pre-fabricated, curved, cold-formed steel trusses that meet in the middle at a steel compression ring.
  • An 85-foot-long principal girder and steel wide flange joists support nearly half of the carrousel building’s main roof.
  • The elevated walkway includes spans of up to approximately 60 feet and large cantilevered concrete columns, which support the public gathering spaces above.


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