Louisiana Avenue Extension

Louisiana Avenue Extension

Accommodating Rapidly Growing Commercial Areas: Engineering new transportation solutions

The 5,000 lineal foot widening and extension of Louisiana Avenue in the City of Chehalis was designed to accommodate a rapidly growing commercial and retail area of the city along Interstate 5. DCI Engineers performed traffic studies and provided transportation solutions for this major expansion.

Project Highlights

  • The constructed 70’ roadway cross-section includes two lanes in either direction, a center two-way left-turn lane, two bike lanes, curb and gutter, sidewalk, landscaping, water, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, street lighting, pavement marking, signage, dry utilities, and two roundabouts.
  • One two-lane, four-leg roundabout was constructed at Louisiana Avenue and Arkansas Way.  Planning was completed for a future roundabout several hundred feet to the north.
  • Performed traffic studies to determine the proper road and roundabout capacities.
  • Street and roundabout cross-sections were carefully analyzed and designed to handle a variety of vehicles, including construction equipment with trailers, semi-trucks, buses, and passenger vehicles.
Chehalis, Washington
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