Lovejoy Block 1

Lovejoy Block 1

Lovejoy Block 1: Trailblazing the Pearl District’s modern transformation

DCI implemented fast track construction solutions and structural systems for Lovejoy Block 1 to hit the retail and commercial market quicker to meet consumer demands. Located in the city’s historic Pearl District, the mixed-use building of retail, Class A office, and parking space optimized unused downtown property into a multifunctional center of urban activity and commerce. Like-minded people who appreciate green space and easy access to public transportation can relate to Lovejoy Block 1’s value as a lively atmosphere, convenient location, and sustainable neighborhood resource.

Project Highlights

  • LEED Gold Certified
  • At the time of project completion, Lovejoy Block 1 was the first building in the Pacific Northwest implemented with a dual lateral system comprised of concrete shear walls and precast hybrid moment frames to enhance seismic performance.
  • The building features a green roof on Level 7 as a community space, which also serves as natural building insulation and air filtration.
Portland, Oregon
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