Madison Centre

Madison Centre

"Madison Centre is the result of an extraordinary team effort. We knew that creating a next-generation workplace would require thinking outside of traditional office architecture. We assembled a team of engineering experts, best-in-class contractors, dynamic architects and interior designers, known for intelligent design concepts. We're confident that Madison Centre will be a dynamic, social environment that offers tenants high-end business amenities so they can work collaboratively and efficiently."       

 Steve Cook, Director of  investment and development for Schnitzer West.                                                                                                                                                      


Sculpting the Seattle Skyline: Engineering a new performance based design high-rise in one of Seattle’s most distinctive districts

This high-rise, situated on the corner of 5th Avenue and Madison Street in Seattle, Washington, will consist of a 37-story office tower over seven subter¬ranean parking levels. Rising 500’ above street level, the building will be a fixture of the Seattle skyline for generations to come. Madison Centre will contain 885,000-sf above street level, including retail, lobby, commons, load¬ing dock, open space and offices, as well as 165,000-sf of subterranean park¬ing containing 580 below-grade parking stalls. Combined, this project will be approximately 1.05 million-sf. DCI helped the developer change course mid-design, expanding and re¬vamping the “Great Room” – a visually striking 45-foot-tall entryway featuring a circular staircase and large plates of glass suspended by cables. The rede¬sign included taking two stories off of the top of the building and reallocating the available square footage to the stories below. DCI reworked the structural core of the tower to maximize the subterranean parking space available and helped improve the building’s public plaza, moving it to an area that receives more sunlight and adding a 50-foot-tall glass rotunda. DCI kept function at the forefront of design, efficiently arranging support columns and elevators in a way that maximized rentable space.

Project Highlights

  • Performance Based Design at 500 feet.
  • Constructed of composite concrete over metal deck with steel framing.
  • Designed to facilitate speed and efficiency for the con¬tractor while providing cost-savings.



Seattle, Washington
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High Rise

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