Qingdao Ocean Tower

Qingdao Ocean Tower

Reaching New International Heights: Engineering 60 stories of office space

With 60 stories of office space, this high-rise tower adds a new element to the skyline in Qingdao, China.  DCI’s structural services involved the design of this single office tower, which is part of a larger three-building development.

Project Highlights

  • The tower contains retail and office space.
  • Includes three levels of underground parking.
  • A tunnel connects the DCI-designed underground parking with the below-grade parking in the other two buildings.
  • Design complied with international standards. 

Case Study

DCI Engineers provided structural engineering design and consulting services on the Ocean Tower, an 800-foot high-rise office building in Qingdao, China. The development contains five-story podium shopping mall and more than 100,000 square meters (1.15 million-sf) office space.

The gravity system is composite steel floor framing with concrete on metal deck. Due to the heavy axial load from the high-rise, we used steel pipes filled with high strength concrete columns. The lateral system included a concrete shear wall core. China’s building code requires “core-in-core” systems for this super high-rise. An exterior steel moment frame was added to satisfy the code. The structural challenges also include below-grade parking levels that are under a water table. Bottom floor columns transfer at the lobby level to provide open spaces.

DCI worked closely with Living Architecture Inc. (LAI) as part of the multi-national design team. We met with the LAI Seattle office architects on a daily basis to coordinate structural elements with the building program and architecture. We traveled to China to help the LAI Beijing office prepare design documents for submittal and to participate in the peer review conference with the owners and government officials.

DCI is familiar with both American architectural design and Chinese building code requirements. DCI provided exceptional service to the architects and the client. The project was transferred to the local design institute (Tong-Yuan) after Design Development. The design team successfully completed the project design and coordination. The project is now under construction.





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