Rogers High School Addition

Rogers High School Addition

Renovating and Restoring an Old High School: Engineering Rogers High School into a state-of-the-art facility

DCI Engineers provided structural design services for the new, two-story addition at Rogers High School, which was part of the school’s modernization project. The design team focused on numerous priorities through the project, including maintaining the existing building’s architectural character, creating a student common area, increasing the ability of the school to accommodate multiple functions simultaneously, and improving the security of the campus by consolidating buildings and limiting entrances.

Project Highlights

  • Design maintained the existing building’s art-deco character.
  • Contains an open Courtyard, new classrooms, administration offices, a library, a two-story atrium and common area, two full-size gymnasiums, locker rooms, weight rooms, gymnastic and wrestling areas, and a clock tower.
  • The gymnasium space is constructed of steel frames.
  • Curved glass element in the library is repeated in the two-story wall of the commons and the gym entry points.
  • A new clock tower located near the student entrance to the commons acts as a beacon, clearly signaling the main school entrance.
Spokane, Washington
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