Spokane Convention Center Expansion

Spokane Convention Center Expansion

Embellishing the River Shoreline: Engineering a dynamic expansion to the Spokane Convention Center

Located along the Centennial Trail, the Spokane Convention Center is an iconic building in downtown Spokane. Originally constructed between 1972 and 1974, this new 90,000-sf expansion will provide an additional 20,000-sf of exhibition space, 25,000-sf of meeting and ballroom space, and pre-function lobbies linking the convention center to the trail and the river. Design challenges include melding the new building design with the existing building to work, not only structurally, but also provide a seamless flow with the existing buildings’ mechanical and architectural requirements. This project required a special permitting process for erosion control due to onsite contamination and proximity to the Spokane River. To satisfy permit requirements an electrocoagulation system was used to treat construction storm water and any pumped ground water prior to discharge to the Spokane River.

Project Highlights:

  • A custom truss in the exhibition hall that is 30-ft tall by 225-ft long, is two stories tall, and carries the exhibition hall roof, floor, and outdoor plaza.
  • The civil design is also providing for emergency vehicle and city sewer maintenance access along the Centennial Trail, and under a major state highway, adjacent to the river.
  • The raw material weight of the truss is 360,000 pounds (180 tons) of steel.
  • The new exhibition hall is designed for 300PSF loading.
Spokane, Washington
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