Finally in Prague! When I speak to people who have travelled through Europe, every one of them said Prague was one of their favorite cities in Europe. On the walk to my hotel, I chatted with a friend I had made on the bus. She had been traveling for two weeks already but had been staying in each city either for only one night or for only part of a day! It made me thankful I would be having the opposite experience.

I gratefully unpacked all of my clothes and other travel artifacts into the hotel room closets and drawers—something that is rarely achieved while traveling. My plan was to find some cheap food at a grocery store but somehow I ended up at this building:

I decided to explore it further, riding the elevator to the top floor, finding the rooftop bar, and ordering a “lemonade,” which I found out must be synonymous with a ginger beer, because that is what I received.

The building is called the “Dancing House” due to the fact that the left half of the building is representative of a dancing woman with curves and a dress and the right half of the building is the man. Arms and hands can be seen at half-mast and legs at the bottom. A Canadian-American architect and Czech architect collaborated on the design. More can be read about the building on this wonderful reference site.  Like with most innovative and progressive buildings, controversy surrounds this design. The critiques usually rest on the fact that the new-age look does not match the age-old style of the surrounding buildings. Case in point: the Louvre in Paris. Read about what last year’s travel scholarship winner, Molly Johnson, had to say about the Louvre. Similarly, many downtown areas of small towns require new construction to match a certain motif.

On the roof of the Dancing House there were some beautiful nighttime views of the city and the castle pictured below. I spent some time with my ginger beer taking in the city after a long day of travel.

Fun Fact: I found out that many vendors sell “homemade lemonades” in Prague, but you will get a different drink depending on the restaurant. I saw someone receive a red “lemonade” that was most likely soda water and grenadine.

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