In the spring of 2014, DCI Engineers and HDG Architecture announced the kick-off of a new scholarship opportunity that would offer one student from the Pacific Northwest the opportunity to spend 21 days traveling Europe to discover and explore the engineering and architectural marvels in the cities of Paris, Florence, Barcelona, and Rome.

Travel and adventure awaits

An epic adventure

The primary goal of our scholarship program is to give students a unique opportunity to connect and be inspired by reflecting on historic European architecture and the buildings that broke the boundaries of structural design. Most importantly, DCI and HDG desired to fulfill an opportunity to promote the important work of the A/E/C industry and attract attention to a field of work that is diminishing in student interest. “Together with HDG, DCI is excited to provide this opportunity for one of our local students.  Europe has many architectural treasures, and it will be fun to follow the student and live vicariously through her.  Hopefully it will also inspire other students to get out and see the world.” said DCI Principal Craig Crowley when asked about DCI’s involvement with the project.

Students were asked to submit a one-minute video to DCI and HDG that demonstrated passion for their chosen field, their personality, qualifications, and desire to experience some of the world’s most magnificent works of architecture. After receiving submissions from colleges and universities across the Pacific Northwest, the team thoroughly enjoyed learning about the students who will one day be the brilliant minds behind our skylines. Although the choice was tough, in early May, a decision was made. Check out our next post where we reveal the winner!

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