DCI Engineers Hurtado|Hissong design group
DCI Engineers Hurtado|Hissong design group

Chronicling our travel scholarship winner

HDG and DCI designed a scholarship opportunity for students studying in the field of architecture, engineering, and interior design. Follow our 2015 European Scholarship Recipient as they embark on a 21 day journey through Amsterdam, Prague and Berlin and explores the architecture that Europe is famous for. This is our opportunity to give back, we hope you enjoy the journey.

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07.20.15 | Amsterdam

Who Engineered The Tilting Houses in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is beautiful and thrilling! I love the water; I love the streets; I love the houses; I love the craziness of the bikes, walkers, mopeds, trams, and cars. I have seen no other city that looks like this. The appearance of the street pavement and cobblestones may be similar to streets in Prague, Italy, or some other old European walking city, but the houses are like nowhere else. They are characterized as tall and skinny in shape and are painted in deep color or off-white. Some have brick façades and complementary colored window frames. If you tilt your head, you can see that some of the townhouses are also tilting. I thought this probably had to do with the large amount of water in the area causing instability of the soil. But according to two blogs I found, that is not the case. The houses were apparently designed to tilt forward so that large items could be drawn up the front of the house by homemade cranes without hitting the façade. Houses were designed to be skinny because property taxes were based off of the building’s frontage. This made for skinny staircases!

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05.11.15 | Seattle, Washington

Meet Kyle Sullivan: 2015 European Scholarship Winner

Oregon State University graduate student Kyle Sullivan has a natural curiosity for innovation. It’s a key personality trait which appealed to DCI Engineers and HDG Architecture when it came to selecting a winner for the 2015 European Scholarship, a program sponsored by both firms. DCI and HDG proudly offered this annual scholarship again for a college student studying structural or construction engineering, architecture, or interior design to experience Europe’s history of design and modern day industry practices.

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