DCI Engineers Hurtado|Hissong design group
DCI Engineers Hurtado|Hissong design group

Chronicling our travel scholarship winner

HDG and DCI designed a scholarship opportunity for students studying in the field of architecture, engineering, and interior design. Follow our 2015 European Scholarship Recipient as they embark on a 21 day journey through Amsterdam, Prague and Berlin and explores the architecture that Europe is famous for. This is our opportunity to give back, we hope you enjoy the journey.

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07.06.15 | Czech Republic

#1 City in all of Europe

Finally in Prague! When I speak to people who have travelled through Europe, every one of them said Prague was one of their favorite cities in Europe. On the walk to my hotel, I chatted with a friend I had made on the bus. She had been traveling for two weeks already but had been staying in each city either for only one night or for only part of a day! It made me thankful I would be having the opposite experience.

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