DCI Engineers Hurtado|Hissong design group
DCI Engineers Hurtado|Hissong design group

Chronicling our travel scholarship winner

HDG and DCI designed a scholarship opportunity for students studying in the field of architecture, engineering, and interior design. Follow our 2015 European Scholarship Recipient as they embark on a 21 day journey through Amsterdam, Prague and Berlin and explores the architecture that Europe is famous for. This is our opportunity to give back, we hope you enjoy the journey.

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07.08.15 | Czech Republic

Sbohem Prague!

The Lennon Wall was one of the few places I chose to sit down for a longer than usual period of time in order to see what experience this frequented tourist attraction could provide me with. First, some background on the wall would be helpful. The wall was first started being tagged in 1988 with grievances from young Czechs who were followers of the “Lennonism” Movement. Since then it has been tagged over and over, erasing old graffiti and creating new art, most of it continuing the Lennon theme but not all. For example, just this past November (2014), a group of art students white-washed the entire wall and then sprayed-painted, in block letters, “THE WALL IS OVER.” Since then, the words were changed to “THE WAR IS OVER” and the wall is completely covered in artwork again. During the ten to fifteen minutes in which I sat by the wall I was able to get an feeling for the flow of tourists that came through that area and saw two American girls spray paint an American flag on the right end of the wall because today was July 4th.

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07.06.15 | Czech Republic

Prague Castle & Late Night Guided Tours

So much happened during my first full day in Prague that I must keep writing about it.  Finishing off from the end of my last post (Green Roofs & Healthy Living), I spent a majority of the afternoon figuring out how to do a load of laundry. According to the internet, do-it-yourself laundromats are common in the US (obviously) and Western Europe, but not Eastern Europe. The hotel here offers a per-article service, which I’ve personally never encountered before. The “laundry service” down the street additionally offers a per-load service for about 240 Czech koruna (Czech crowns, CZK, or $11 USD). I don’t know about you but I’ve never spent half of that to do a load of laundry. When I’ve traveled in the past, I found that scrubbing clothes in a sink was a good option but after further internet research I came across the idea of throwing your clothes in a bathtub with hot, soapy water. It worked well! The only issue was finding enough places in the room to hang it all up.

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07.02.15 | Czech Republic

On my way to the Czech Republic

My main summer trip that DCI Engineers and HDG Architects provided me with has just started. I will be in Prague, Berlin, and Amsterdam, each for a whole week! Based on personal experience, it is my opinion a week in a city is an ideal amount of time to spend there, for me at least.

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05.11.15 | Seattle, Washington

Meet Kyle Sullivan: 2015 European Scholarship Winner

Oregon State University graduate student Kyle Sullivan has a natural curiosity for innovation. It’s a key personality trait which appealed to DCI Engineers and HDG Architecture when it came to selecting a winner for the 2015 European Scholarship, a program sponsored by both firms. DCI and HDG proudly offered this annual scholarship again for a college student studying structural or construction engineering, architecture, or interior design to experience Europe’s history of design and modern day industry practices.

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02.09.15 | Seattle, Washington

Meet Kyle! 2nd Year Winner Has Been Selected!

DCI Engineers and HDG Architecture are excited to announce this year’s winner of their travel scholarship that offers one Pacific Northwest student the opportunity to spend 21 days exploring Europe. The winner’s mission is to discover the engineering and architectural marvels in the cities of Berlin, Prague and Amsterdam.

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07.01.14 | Florence, Italy

Museo Galileo

Today I went back to the basics with a visit to the Museo Galileo taking me on a journey back in time through the history of science beginning in the 15th century. There were cases full of different kinds of unique and ornate sundials, and beautifully detailed and shiny mathematical toolsets from the 16th century. We were reminded by the museum’s writing that: “Since antiquity, mankind has been fascinated by time, viewed as an enigma on both the philosophical and the physical level.”

We crossed through rooms dedicated to the display of both terrestrial and celestial globes. Imagine having a globe – a spherical representation of the earth – at your fingertips after centuries of believing the earth to be flat. The other incredible idea about these globes was the concept of mapping the skies and the earth. Like the Sistine Chapel, there was so much detail involved in a map, the task must have seemed daunting and exhilarating. 


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06.30.14 | Florence, Italy

Buongiorno Florence!

The first full day in Florence was perfection. It began with a refreshing bite of gelato in the warm Tuscan sun on our way to the Arno River. While we were headed towards the Ponte Vecchio, we had to keep stopping to admire the buildings across the river. The light blue sky with pockets of pure white clouds was a beautiful backdrop for the riverside structures. These buildings were not limited by the river bank – they bravely stretched out leaving solid ground to be supported above the water. 

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06.21.14 | Seattle, Washington

The Adventure Begins

I am all packed and ready for the airport. Stay tuned to see what awaits me in Europe!

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All done with thesis!

06.20.14 | Seattle, Washington

Meet Molly


I am proud to introduce myself as the winner of the DCI and HDG’s 2014 European Travel Scholarship!  But who am I? Well, the travel bug bit this 25 year old when I was a little girl, and since then, I’ve taken every opportunity that came my way to explore.  When I was young, my family used to drive between North Carolina and our hometown in New Hampshire. Every time we crossed one of the magnificent bridges, I would be found glued to the window wondering in amazement at the mighty steel creations carrying us over the water. As a freshman in high school my French class visited France and Spain, and as we wandered through the overwhelmingly elaborate castles, I would run my hands along the cold, smooth columns imagining who constructed them. While at Cornell for my undergraduate degree, I spent an enlightening 18 weeks in Jessore, Bangladesh working with mud and bamboo architecture native to the area. The travel bug did not end with Bangladesh. When I saw the announcement for this scholarship while in graduate school at the University of Washington (UW), I knew I had to make a video entry. 


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