Today, walking around with the sun shining on my face, I couldn’t help but feel Barcelona was the perfect way to end this travel adventure. Navigating Barcelona felt like returning to a home I didn’t know existed. People were infectiously happy in this remarkably artistic city. Exploring the beach and marina area of Barcelona we were constantly surprised by the endless colors and creativity on display. The first day in Barcelona we happened upon a market in La Rambla, filled to the brim with fresh fruit and fruit smoothies, candies, fish stalls, and more.  We followed the crowds to the beach and were amazed at the artistic sculptures disguised in everyday life. Barcelona radiates imagination, fun, and relaxed confidence in the people and the architecture. Life here is an eclectic melting pot of cultures making it full of intrigue, curiosity, and endless discovery.


Needless to say, La Sagrada Familia was inspiring because it is a remarkable example of tangible imagination. While I might not fully understand the design, I can certainly appreciate aspects of it. I was mostly impressed by the geometric sculptures covering one façade. The angular, geometric shapes of the figures (rather than attempting to resemble real humans) were a refreshing change from previous architectural pieces. Looking forward to what Barcelona day 2 will bring! 

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