My main summer trip that DCI Engineers and HDG Architects provided me with has just started. I will be in Prague, Berlin, and Amsterdam, each for a whole week! Based on personal experience, it is my opinion a week in a city is an ideal amount of time to spend there, for me at least.

It affords you with ample time to see all the tourist attractions (castles, churches, squares, bridges, parks, etc.), but then it gives you time to also take in the city on your own time. You can sit where you want for however long; you can do more things that locals do on a daily basis; you can meet people and hang out with them. I’d say it’s a comparatively different and better experience than just spending less than four days in a city. During my time in these three cities one of my main priorities will be to appreciate and synthesize the historical architecture. I personally would like to find unique aspects of said architecture and engineering that are not as readily apparent to the every-day tourist. I think it will also be beneficial to discuss characteristics of sustainability as achieved from a visible standpoint.

All in all, I hope I can provide readers of this blog with something interesting to read and something that gets them excited about traveling, perhaps instilling additional motivation for their own travels abroad. I would like to also include aspects of my traveling that one might not consider if they have not experienced it themselves—for example, Nutella, apples, and bananas are great food staples to have with you at all times. See tomorrow’s post to learn about my first two days in Prague!

 Kyle's Travel Tip: While in Europe, purchase a jar of Nutella for snacking with fruit! You never know when you will be hungry when adjusting to a new time zone.


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