DCI Engineers Hurtado|Hissong design group
DCI Engineers Hurtado|Hissong design group

Chronicling our travel scholarship winner

HDG and DCI designed a scholarship opportunity for students studying in the field of architecture, engineering, and interior design. Follow our 2015 European Scholarship Recipient as they embark on a 21 day journey through Amsterdam, Prague and Berlin and explores the architecture that Europe is famous for. This is our opportunity to give back, we hope you enjoy the journey.

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07.06.15 | Czech Republic

#1 City in all of Europe

Finally in Prague! When I speak to people who have travelled through Europe, every one of them said Prague was one of their favorite cities in Europe. On the walk to my hotel, I chatted with a friend I had made on the bus. She had been traveling for two weeks already but had been staying in each city either for only one night or for only part of a day! It made me thankful I would be having the opposite experience.

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02.09.15 | Seattle, Washington

Meet Kyle! 2nd Year Winner Has Been Selected!

DCI Engineers and HDG Architecture are excited to announce this year’s winner of their travel scholarship that offers one Pacific Northwest student the opportunity to spend 21 days exploring Europe. The winner’s mission is to discover the engineering and architectural marvels in the cities of Berlin, Prague and Amsterdam.

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Scholarship winner announced

06.15.14 | Seattle, Washington

Scholarship Winner Announced

On an unusually sunny spring day, one of the engineering buildings at the University of Washington was busy with students, preparing for finals, writing thesis papers, and one, unknowingly about to prepare for a three week trip to Europe.  A crew of DCI and HDG employees and one medieval era ‘Town Crier’ made their way down the cinderblock halls lined with photos of engineering alumni, some of whose names were quite familiar to DCI. In room 201, squeezed in at the end of the hallway and through a series of offices, the winner of our 2014 European Scholarship was announced.

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There is only one grad student for the job

06.01.14 | Seattle, Washington

About the Scholarship

In the spring of 2014, DCI Engineers and HDG Architecture announced the kick-off of a new scholarship opportunity that would offer one student from the Pacific Northwest the opportunity to spend 21 days traveling Europe to discover and explore the engineering and architectural marvels in the cities of Paris, Florence, Barcelona, and Rome.

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