On an unusually sunny spring day, one of the engineering buildings at the University of Washington was busy with students, preparing for finals, writing thesis papers, and one, unknowingly about to prepare for a three week trip to Europe.  A crew of DCI and HDG employees and one medieval era ‘Town Crier’ made their way down the cinderblock halls lined with photos of engineering alumni, some of whose names were quite familiar to DCI. In room 201, squeezed in at the end of the hallway and through a series of offices, the winner of our 2014 European Scholarship was announced.

Molly Johnson

At More Hall, tucked just south of the Suzzallo Library and next to an empty building that once housed a nuclear reactor in the 80’s, our scholarship winner, Molly Johnson, was busy reviewing her thesis in a basement classroom of five peers.

As the scholarship recipient, Molly will be blogging on DCI’s website about her experience as well as photo documenting her route and the important architectural sites as she travels from Italy, to France, and on to Spain. DCI and HDG invite you to take a few minutes off each week to embark on a ‘blogcation’ (verb) as we visit the Eiffel Tower, the Coliseum, the Sagrada Familia, and many other structures that pave Molly’s path. While you won’t need your passports for this trip, we hope that Molly’s adventure will leave you feeling inspired, reconnected to our industries past, and ultimately refreshed by the experiences of a newly graduated structural engineer.

Welcome to Europe.

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