DCI Engineers Hurtado|Hissong design group
DCI Engineers Hurtado|Hissong design group

Chronicling our travel scholarship winner

HDG and DCI designed a scholarship opportunity for students studying in the field of architecture, engineering, and interior design. Follow our 2015 European Scholarship Recipient as they embark on a 21 day journey through Amsterdam, Prague and Berlin and explores the architecture that Europe is famous for. This is our opportunity to give back, we hope you enjoy the journey.

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07.06.15 | Czech Republic

Prague Castle & Late Night Guided Tours

So much happened during my first full day in Prague that I must keep writing about it.  Finishing off from the end of my last post (Green Roofs & Healthy Living), I spent a majority of the afternoon figuring out how to do a load of laundry. According to the internet, do-it-yourself laundromats are common in the US (obviously) and Western Europe, but not Eastern Europe. The hotel here offers a per-article service, which I’ve personally never encountered before. The “laundry service” down the street additionally offers a per-load service for about 240 Czech koruna (Czech crowns, CZK, or $11 USD). I don’t know about you but I’ve never spent half of that to do a load of laundry. When I’ve traveled in the past, I found that scrubbing clothes in a sink was a good option but after further internet research I came across the idea of throwing your clothes in a bathtub with hot, soapy water. It worked well! The only issue was finding enough places in the room to hang it all up.

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07.02.15 | Czech Republic

On my way to the Czech Republic

My main summer trip that DCI Engineers and HDG Architects provided me with has just started. I will be in Prague, Berlin, and Amsterdam, each for a whole week! Based on personal experience, it is my opinion a week in a city is an ideal amount of time to spend there, for me at least.

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