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Architects & Structural Engineers: A modern relationship

Now more than ever, architects have the freedom to design unconventional building forms, and structural engineers have the expertise to make them a reality with state-of-the-art advances in design and construction. Experienced structural engineers channel the architect’s mindset to collectively develop effective solutions. At DCI, the structural engineers are creative problem solvers who integrate innovation into projects as a means to say “yes” to architectural design challenges.





Case Studies

Qingdao Ocean Tower -
Qingdao, China

Stanford Center at Beijing University -
Beijing, China

About DCI Engineers

DCI Engineers is one of the largest civil/structural consulting engineering firms along the West Coast of the United States. With headquarters in Seattle, Washington, we have also eight branch offices in Oregon, California, Alaska and Texas. Our company provides design and construction services for projects such as high-rises, commercial, residential, hotel, hospital, parking structures, universities, government, and industrial sectors. We also provide services for transportation, civil and water treatment. Our company is licensed in all 50 states and in many provinces in Canada. Founded in 1988, DCI has been providing innovative designs to fulfill clients’ vision. We strive to achieve 100% satisfaction from our clients. Our company has extensive experience in producing cost-effective design to maximize the client’s project profits. Since 2008, DCI has been one of the top 500 design firms recognized by ENR. DCI has expanded into the Chinese and other international markets. We are looking forward to our work with Chinese design institutes and contractors to provide the best project design experience.


DCI Engineers是美国西海岸最大的土木结构设计公司之一,总部设在华盛顿州西雅图市,另有8个分公司分布于俄勒冈州,加利福尼亚州, 阿拉斯加州,和德克萨斯州。我公司提供建筑结构设计及咨询服务,其中包括设商业建筑,住宅建筑,酒店,医院,停车场,校园建筑,政府办公大楼和工业建筑,并且还为政府机构提供运输、交通、及排水处理等的设计。我公司持有全美50个州和加拿大各省的设计执照。自1988年成立以来,DCI Engineers一贯致力于提供创新,优秀的设计,以实现客户的目标为基本,以令客户百分百满意为宗旨。我公司的多年专业经验和经济设计理念可以为企业节省建筑投资费用并实现利润空间价值最大化。自从2008 年以来,我公司多次被全球权威工程杂志 ENR评为设计公司500强。DCI Engineers正全力开拓中国市场并向全球化而努力。我们愿意与中国设计、施工单位合作,共同为客户提供更新、更好的工程技术服务。

Professional Services Concept


Our fundamental philosophy is to operate as one body, exploring creative solutions while remaining abreast of industry advances in the execution of civil and structural engineering. DCI Engineers pursues new and progressive methods to accomplish our client’s goals. Our philosophy demands that we:

  • Serve our clients in a professional and timely manner,
  • Utilize innovative methods to best serve the needs of each customer,
  • Measure the value of our service through cost reductions and improvements in constructability.

Operating from eight offices with projects throughout the U.S.; Licensed in all 50 states as well as several Canadian provinces.


我公司的基本理念是把项目设计作为一个整体, 通过与其它专业的合作,提供创新 的设计,以最大程度满足客户的不同需求:

  • 按时保质,以专业精神服务我们的每一位客户。
  • 运用创新的方法, 为每位顾客提供最佳的服务。
  • 用降低施工成本和提高效率来衡量我们服务的价值。


With more than 25 years of experience, DCI Engineers is committed to providing responsible and innovative civil and structural engineering services. Our design services encompass a variety of projects in multiple market sectors. DCI offers the following specialty design and support services.

Structural Engineering

  • High-rise buildings
  • Mixed-use buildings
  • Hospitals, medical buildings, senior housing
  • Office buildings
  • Municipal facilities
  • Multi-family residential
  • Parking structures
  • K-12 facilities
  • Higher education
  • Retail buildings
  • Zoo and park structures
  • Industrial and energy
  • Military facilities
  • Hospitality structures
  • Renovation
  • Single-family residential

Earthquake Engineering

  • Dynamic analysis
  • Seismic hazards mitigation
  • Seismic retrofit of existing structures

Engineering Feasibility Studies and Value Engineering

  • Preliminary design
  • Peer review
  • Project cost estimates
  • Value engineering of alternate civil and structural systems

Sustainable Design

  • LEED® Accredited
  • Sustainable structures
  • Low-impact site development


二十五年来,DCI Engineers由两人公司成长到现在的两百人公司,我们一贯致力于提供可靠而创新的设计,以实现客户的要求。我们的设计及咨询服务包括以下专业设计和辅助性业务:


  • 高层建筑设计
  • 商业住宅混合建筑
  • 酒店,宾馆
  • 医院,医疗建筑,养老院
  • 办公建筑
  • 市政建筑
  • 住宅楼
  • 停车场
  • 校园建筑
  • 动物园和公园建筑
  • 工业和能源设施
  • 翻修改建
  • 别墅


  • 抗震结构设计
  • 现有建筑抗震结构的改进
  • 地震模拟分析


  • 项目初步设计
  • 项目优化设计
  • 结构设计造价对比分析


  • 节能,环保,绿色认证
  • 可持续建筑的结构设计
  • 低环境影响设计

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