950 Tennessee

950 Tennessee

Honoring Historic Surroundings: Residential building integrates into transforming industrial area

Situated on a mid-block site in the Dogpatch neighborhood, the up-and-coming 950 Tennessee will be a new multi-family apartment building complete with 103 living units. Drawing upon the site’s urban context, the project will reflect both the residential and industrial neighborhood character by breaking up the massing and style of the building facades into two distinctive components: one which is a residential look and the other industrial. Parking for 950 Tennessee will consist of one below-grade level with mechanical stackers to increase number of stalls.

DCI Engineers is providing structural designs for the primary lateral and gravity systems of the four-story building. The engineering team is working with the architect and developer to maximize rentable space, while also accommodating height constraints because of adjacent historic surroundings.

Project Highlights

  • Interior shear walls will yield maximum architectural flexibility.
  • Below-grade parking level will include mechanical stackers to increase parking stall count.
  • Penthouse feature and accessible roof deck.
  • Accommodates for height constraints imposed because of an adjacent historic building.
  • Development will include a 30-foot mid-block passage between Tennessee Street to Minnesota Street that will be accessible to the public.


San Francisco, California
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