Broken Arrow

Broken Arrow

“We appreciate the dedication that DCI brings to the table at every point within the design process.  Working on both one-of-a-kind unique projects and standard multi-story facilities, they always pay close attention to the overall design intent, at the same time providing cost saving alternatives for projects with tight budgets.”

Steve Jaggers from GH2 Architects


Broken Arrow Elementary: Innovative Design for Tulsa’s hottest suburb

DCI Engineers is working closely with the Broken Arrow school district to provide design for three different elementary schools.  The three schools are located at 111th Street, 61st Street and Oneta Street in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. 

Project Highlights

  • Single-story public elementary school accommodating 32 classrooms with a total of approximately 100,000-sf.
  • Includes a gymnasium with a stage, a dining hall, media center, curved steel overhang, and entrance canopies. 
  • Design intent involves providing a progressive classroom learning environment with more open areas encompassing multiple classrooms, as well as unique ceiling spaces and lighting.
  • Utilizes conventional steel framed construction. The roof is metal deck supported by a combination of open-web steel joists, fabricated trusses, and/or conventional shaped steel beams.
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
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