The Century

The Century

 “The Century personifies Seattle style and living in the heart of it all.”

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Living at Seattle’s World Fair: Once the site for The Century 21 Exposition, the city block still proves to be the place to be in Seattle

Since The Century is in close proximity to the Space Needle, the mixed-use residential building was named after the site of Seattle’s 1962 World’s Fair called The Century 21 Exposition. Since 1962, Seattle Center remains the city’s iconic destination and continues to be a desirable metropolitan area. The developers of The Century wanted a lasting building that represented the same timeless relevance. To deliver a robust eight-story construction with two below-grade parking levels, DCI’s engineering team kept to a simple concrete structural design for the building’s framework. They also engineered for grade elevations affecting the ground-level commercial space and raised entryways along Taylor Avenue North and John Street. During business hours, the Emerald City School occupies the commercial space – giving The Century a dual purpose in the urban neighborhood. The building’s resilient structure will allow The Century to be a lasting community establishment.

Project Highlights

  • Achieving a high quality finish on the cast-in-place elevator core walls, columns, and slab soffit was a priority as these elements are exposed for architectural effect.
  • Flat plate, post tensioned concrete slabs were used to minimize structural floor depths and maximize the number floors within the 85 foot height limit.
  • Built Green Certified
Seattle, Washington
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