Eastern Washington University snyamncut Residence Hall

Eastern Washington University snyamncut Residence Hall

 "Eastern Washington University is an institution of education that values a broadened cultural perspective… We are honored to name the new hall Snyamncut, and we are confident our students will appreciate its significance in contributing to their education."

Stacey Morgan Foster, Vice President for Student Affairs at Eastern Washington University


Building a Legacy, Honoring a Culture: Engineering a namesake residence hall to celebrate the heritage of the native Spokane people and reinforce its active influence in the area

EWU’s new residence hall snyamncut, is the Salish word for ‘place of gathering.’.  This new residence hall will house 350 students in double and triple rooms.  It serves as the hub of the residential district, providing comfortable study and social spaces and high-tech amenities that integrate the living and academic environments for student success. This new residence hall was designed to maximize natural sunlight, create a sense of place and be welcoming to residents and the campus community.  Cantilevered windows were placed strategically at the ends of corridor lounges to further the feeling of openness.  

Project Highlights

  • Five stories of wood framing supported on an elevated cast-in-place post-tension concrete slab podium construction.
  • Double pitched, pre-fabricated wood trusses, solid web wood I joist floor framing supported on wood stud bearing walls.
  • Cantilevered floors at the end of each wing.
  • Attic catwalk built into roof trusses on the bottom chord of the roof trusses.
  • Civil services included erosion, sediment and stormwater control (SWPPP) plan, grading and utilities.
Cheney, Washington
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