Franklin Elementary School Remodel

Franklin Elementary School Remodel

Something Historic, Something New: School’s remodel adds modern amenities, security element, and more room for students 

Students of Franklin Elementary now learn in a refurbished school environment up to par with modern security features, accessibility standards, and more space conducive for student population growth. Franklin’s addition includes the new school entrance, a computer lab, refreshed library, full sized basketball court, larger music room, and a separate cafeteria. The circa 1909 historic portion of the school now has updated heating and air conditioning systems, a restored stairwell, and seismically upgraded unreinforced masonry (URM) walls.

DCI Engineers was the structural engineer of record for the remodel project and designed structural systems to increase natural light coming into the classrooms and gym; protected the integrity of the URM walls of the historic building; minimized the impacts of the new structure to the historic wing by designing conceptual layout upfront of the project’s schedule; and maximized space in the new cafeteria, library and classrooms by strategizing the column layout. The engineering team accomplished the client’s vision of blending the old and new structure with spacious corridors and a main stairwell with a sizable midway landing at the new school entrance.

Project Highlights

  • The school can now accommodate growth up to 550-600 students.
  • New school entrance features a security vestibule.
  • Created separate gymnasium and cafeteria areas.
  • Eliminated the portable classroom facilities.
  • Added support to the URM walls with new windows to let in more natural light for the corridors and classrooms.
  • Updated school with new heating and air conditioning systems.
  • New wing’s interior finishes complement historic portion of the building. DCI staff engineered a seismic joint between the two building portions.
  • Protected the integrity of the URM walls of the historic building.
Spokane, Washington
Square Feet: 
Primary Material: 
Unreinforced Masonry

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