Gonzaga University Parking and Retail Center

Gonzaga University Parking and Retail Center

"This was one of the most complicated parking structure projects we’ve ever designed, and I was proud of the fact we were able to solve the problems in an economical way."

Mark D. Aden, Principal, DCI Engineers


Blending Commercial Space with an Historic Art Project: Engineering mixed-use parking for Gonzaga University

DCI Engineers provided structural engineering services for a 45,000-sf mixed use structure that provides 650 stalls of parking in addition to retail space.  This project was particularity unique and required a complicated functional solution due to the nature of the two-faced retail and parking structure.  

Project Highlights

  • 650-stall parking structure, construction with cast in place concrete.
  • Utilized a long-span framing system to eliminate columns in the parking bays.
  • Roof level designed for snow load clearing and stacking operations.
  • Third and fourth level of parking structure extends out over occupied retail spaces below.
  • Third level slabs over retail incorporate insulation and waterproofing details.
  • Historic art panels incorporated into exterior façade.
  • Perimeter cladding/barrier walls for the parking structure are a combination of precast and cast in place concrete.
Spokane, Washington
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