Google Phase II

Google Phase II

Flexible Designs For Future Generations: Making a state-of-the-art office space that can be easily converted for future tenants

The second phase of Google’s Kirkland Campus exemplifies DCI Engineers’ ability to provide efficient structural designs that allow for flexibility of future uses. Maintaining maximum flexibility of the end design was a key goal for the project. To this end, DCI utilized slab bands and wide shallow beams in the design, creating an open 30-ft by 44-ft column spacing that allows for a wide range of future uses. A large plaza level over the parking garage is currently utilized as a pedestrian courtyard, but was designed to support truck traffic and could be converted into another parking level in the future.

Project Highlights

  • A covered, 190-ft pedestrian bridge connects second phase of the project to the first phase, located on the other side of a City of Kirkland transit right of way that splits the campus and is earmarked for future light rail.
  • The bridge consists of two steel curved girders supported on steel columns with spans up to 55 feet.
  • The building features 190,000-sf of office space on two levels, as well as 276,000-sf of parking on two levels above and below-grade, providing space for up to 1,000 new employees.


  • LEED Platinum Core & Shell
  • 2016 ENRNorthwest Best Green Project
Kirkland, Washington
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