Inland Northwest Behavioral Health

Inland Northwest Behavioral Health

“I think the culture of the facility will be a culture of healing...We just want to see people walk out of those doors in a better place than when they came in.” 

Lonna Smith, Director of Business Development at Inland Northwest Behavioral Health


Prepping Property: Spokane civil engineers design site for new treatment facility

Inland Northwest Behavioral Health is the first private, standalone psychiatric hospital in the Spokane area serving the city and surrounding communities needing specialized care and services. The $33M three-story facility has the capacity to serve 100 patients and be staffed by 200 employees.

The existing site had poor stormwater and groundwater conditions because of high seasonal groundwater and shallow bedrock - causing the existing building to back up. DCI provided primary civil engineering services for the new facility and developed a demolition plan to remove the old building. They raised the site and the building elevation; separated the storm and sewer lines; and applied a 2’ thick layer of large rock under the parking lot to mitigate groundwater conditions.

Project Highlights

  • Facility can provide service for 100 patients.
  • Amenities include a gym, two outdoor courtyards, kitchen, dining area, and at-grade parking (140 stalls).
  • The property site and building elevation were raised to perform well during high seasonal groundwater conditions.  
Spokane, Washington
Square Feet: 
Primary Material: 
Unreinforced Masonry
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