Old Faithful Inn

Old Faithful Inn

“Our goal is to hide, encapsulate and enclose the system, so (the inn) looks like it does when it was built.”

Chris Martison, A&E Architects, Montana Standard

Protecting a National Historic Landmark in Yellowstone for Another 100 Years

In 2001, the Old Faithful Inn - originally built in 1904 - underwent a multi-phase, multi-year renovation to bring the structure to current building code and seismic compliance. Yellowstone Park’s sole intention: to make the A-frame lodging last for another 100 years and maintain its historic, rustic style.

DCI+BCE Engineers conducted load testing on existing and upgraded log wall interfaces for the building. The results informed the team on how to support the lateral system with a supplemental pinning strategy which could be artistically disguised or hidden from view. Exterior logwork also hides the new steel framing supporting the porte-cochere. The project team also reattached the distinctive dormers throughout the building which were ripped from the main roof after years of large snow load exertion.

Project Highlights

  • New steel beams installed in the existing structure to support the lobby and dining room roofs.
  • New steel pipe/plate bearing connections were installed into place to upgrade the lobby truss connection.
  • Upgraded roof and floor diaphragms with additional sheathing.
  • Replaced and reinforced log walls with structural pinning.
  • Installed structural steel moment frames into log beams and columns to withstand more extreme lateral loads.
  • Retrofitted light gage steel braces to the existing interior shear walls.
  • Stiffened the end walls with a combination of laminated veneer lumber studs, steel T-beams, and structural plywood for both in-plane and out-of-plane forces.
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
Primary Material: 
Unreinforced Masonry

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