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Providing top-notch service requires that we have the know-how to answer the call for any client need. Whether it’s a new tower in Asia, an adaptive historic reuse project or support during construction, we call upon our engineering experts to ensure that each project is treated as a one-of-a-kind experience.

Wood Podium

Mixed-use podium housing design is one of our bread and butter specialties at DCI.  Our team has provided structural design services for dozens of wood podium projects, many of which are apartment or condominium buildings.  Our podium-style projects range from senior housing projects to university student living, and everything in between.

Project: The Station at Othello Park

Cold-formed Steel

Cold-formed steel is the workhorse material for commercial tenant improvement projects and is being used more frequently for residential and podium projects. Our team has provided structural design services for dozens of cold-formed steel projects, many of which are apartment or condominium buildings.


DCI’s prowess in cost-effective and creative concrete design sets us apart from other firms.  Our award-winning designs are a testament to the solutions that our team of highly qualified engineers put together.  Concrete is one of the most unique and plentiful building materials on the planet, but its cost can vary tremendously depending upon the efficiency of the design, so our team’s dedication to finding cost-effective solutions helps make these types of projects successful.

Project: The Bravern


For highly schedule-driven projects, steel often offers a competitive advantage when it comes to the construction schedule.  Through our involvement in various technical committees, our engineers remain grounded in the latest research in steel design, and they have an excellent understanding of the benefits and tradeoffs of steel design solutions.

Project Example: Swedish Issaquah Hospital


We pride ourselves on being leaders in the modular, wood-framed construction trend, as well as the steel-framed industrial modules supporting the petroleum industry.  Our in-house modular experts have worked on a variety of multi-family, hospitality, and industrial projects in the Northwest and in Canada.  As a company, we love the potential of modular construction and the benefits and efficiencies it brings to the multi-family housing sector.

Performance-based Design

During performance-based design projects, our structural team iterates its design solutions to achieve a higher performance level for the building, based on varying environmental conditions such as wind loads and seismic events.  Meeting performance-based design requirements for a structure also requires working with a peer reviewer to define the standards of functionality for a building.  Our experience with these types of projects gives our engineers a thorough understanding of the overall process and the necessary coordination with the peer review team.

Project: 1918 Eighth Office Tower

Seismic Evaluation & Retrofit

Our team is experienced with very diverse seismic evaluation, retrofit, and historic preservation projects that range from the renovation of old commercial buildings to life safety upgrades for higher education buildings and hospital facilities.  Our seismic experts make it a priority to keep up with the latest seismic technologies and research regarding material seismic behaviors and construction techniques as they apply to existing building upgrades.

Project: Oregon College for Oriental Medicine

Sustainable Design

At DCI, we are committed to helping clients arrive at cost-effective design solutions that employ sustainable design practices.  Our basic services include the coordination of documentation for the submittal to the Green Building Council to obtain project certification under the LEED rating system.  However, we understand that LEED certification is not the only way that a project can attain true sustainability.  Our experience with green building practices is at the forefront of structural design and demonstrates that we are capable of understanding and incorporating a variety of sustainability standards into our design.

Project Example: The Bullitt Center

Construction Design

Our team frequently takes on the structural “constructioneering” support tasks that are necessary to help contractors provide efficient means and methods in delivering project on time and under budget.  We often provide services for the design of temporary structures, tower crane foundations, temporary shoring, and temporary bracing for erection, lifting, or transportation.  Our engineers also provide specialty structural engineering services for the design of design-build components such as stairs, cladding, and glass.

Damage Assessment

Many members of our team of licensed structural engineers are qualified to provide damage assessments after significant fire, wind, and seismic events.  We frequently visit tree-damaged structures to assess conditions and help property owners understand their options.  Additionally, we have team members who are experienced in post-earthquake damage assessments, which have been required after recent historically significant seismic events.

Long Span

At DCI, our structural team has provided services for a variety of long span projects, including sports arenas, auditoriums, and religious facilities. Through collective knowledge and experience, many of our engineers are well-versed in the design requirements for long span projects.

Project: Gonzaga University McCarthey Arena


Our team is well-versed in the benefits and challenges that come with using BIM technology for projects. Our BIM experience is diverse and has included various levels of development (LOD), depending on the project type.  We are committed to using BIM technology whenever it is appropriate.

Project: LA Live Marriott

Feasibility Studies

Our clients dream big and we help them realize their dreams.  We frequently perform the studies necessary to help our clients assess and determine the feasibility of a new project, whether it is an addition or expansion to an existing building or a wild idea for new construction.  We examine the concepts and existing conditions during the conceptual stage of the project in order to identify impacts that significantly affect cost and schedule.  We can then contribute to a conversation about the costs of the project, and give the client all the information needed to decide if it is the correct course of action.

Tenant Improvements

Our team has worked with architects and interior designers to provide structural engineering support for numerous tenant improvement projects, including offices, medical clinics, shopping centers, retail shops, restaurants, and exhibition centers.  We work very closely with the architects and contractors, and we pay close attention to delicate interior details and constructability.  Our team’s experience includes all types of drop cloud ceiling, hanging objects, and all equipment gravity support and seismic bracing.

Project: Starbucks TI at Terry and Republican

Energy, Aviation, Industrial, and Water Resources

DCI possesses the depth of experience necessary to design industrial structures.  In fact, our various industrial project span across four continents around the world.  We have a knack for understanding each project’s unique requirements and designing the right facility for each situation.  Our diverse projects include heat recovery systems, steam water distillation systems, mining conveyors and crushers, wastewater treatment plants, aircraft hangars, waste-to-fuel plants, bio-diesel plants, and cogeneration plants.

Vibration Analysis

Our team has a great deal of experience with life science research and medical facilities, which require special consideration of the structure’s vibration characteristics.  We are extremely adept at developing structures that meet stringent vibration criteria without significantly impacting the cost.  We have performed successful vibration analyses for various research facilities, hospital operating rooms, vivariums, and other vibration-sensitive structures.

Project: University of Washington Benjamin Hall

Value Engineering

DCI believes that value engineering is an ongoing process that begins and ends with communication.  From the beginning of the design process, we prioritize solutions that bring the most value to a project, whether through reduced construction cost, innovative concepts, or effective scheduling. We help trim the cost of a project by analyzing existing drawings and finding different solutions that would be more cost-efficient.


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