We relish the opportunity to work on unusual structures like gantry cranes, axle boxes for oil sands trucks, wind turbines, grain hoppers, conveyor structures, or service towers. Our team will conceptualize and design new custom structures and machines, upgrade existing industrial infrastructure, and repair problematic maintenance issues. Our expertise includes the following capabilities and markets:

Water and Wastewater

DCI supports water and wastewater treatment processes by designing equipment supports, steel and concrete tanks and covers, pipe racks and duct supports, foundations, platforms, and accessways. Our understanding of water treatment processes and criteria make us a valued and effective partner in the design of new plant maintenance equipment and process upgrades.

Metal Producers and Product Manufacturers

Working around routine production schedules and outages can require extensive planning, particularly with the installation of new customized equipment. Our industrial engineers understand that time is money and create solutions that can be installed and commissioned quickly and efficiently.

Custom Machine Design

As the owner’s representative or project manager, DCI assembles a design team and qualified fabricator to complete a turn-key solution. Our engineers work with our clients to develop new or enhanced custom machinery to improve their processes and profits. 


We have worked on almost every power generation dam along the Snake and Columbia rivers. Our experience includes custom-built mechanisms for maintenance cranes, gate hoists, gates, fish mitigation, and navigation locks.

Mining and Material Handling

Our team designs material handling equipment for iron, coal, molybdenum, copper, and gold mines located around the world. From long-span conveyors to semi-mobile crushers, our team works with process engineers to design mining and material handling equipment which supports a variety of process systems and operations. With many of these projects being fabricated and installed overseas, we understand it is imperative that our drawings are complete, precise, and constructible.


Our seasoned engineers have more than 40 years of experience working with cranes of all types. Our vast knowledge of cranes includes: specialty and custom cranes, drive systems, hoist systems, rehabilitations, re-rates, trolleys, runways, loads tests, supporting structures, and below-the-hook lifting devices.

Power Generation and Transmission

Our staff has been the engineer-of-record for a variety of power generating systems: hydro, wind, solar, fossil fuel, biofuel, and nuclear, along with transmission infrastructure.


Much of our staff comes from small farming communities and appreciate the uniqueness of the industry. DCI addresses design needs for grain storage facilities, flour processing plants, and farming equipment.


DCI’s involvement with this market sector encompasses ports and port machinery. Our team can design upgrades or modifications to port machinery, such as cranes, spreaders, rubber tired gantries, straddle carriers, shuttles, and top lifts. We also design or modify piers, wharves, docks, quays, and warehouses.

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