Penasquito Sizer Station

Super-Size It: Large-scale mining equipment calls for DCI’s structural expertise

A mining industry client requested engineering expertise from DCI to design structural support for a large semi-mobile sizer station with a processing capacity of 13,000 metric tonnes per hour. The structure’s front half includes a 6-foot deep steel box girder chassis which supports a feeder, sizer, and hopper covered by a grizzly. The rear chassis consists of custom built-up I-girders of a similar magnitude and includes a three-story building housing support equipment for the sizer structure.

DCI’s engineering staff reviewed the client’s documents; created a finite element analysis model (with 3D STAAD) of the chassis to determine stress concentrations; and developed fabrication drawings which detailed the sizer station’s connections and weldments for the large scale components. DCI developed specific weld procedures for the box girder weldments to minimize distortion. The mining company’s sizer station is now operational on the site and processes gold, silver, lead, and zinc deposits.

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Mazapil, Zacatecas Mexico
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Project Highlights

  • DCI considered unique design parameters such as impact loading from 4-foot diameter boulders falling onto the sizer from the feeder, cyclical loading and fatigue stresses from continuous impact loads, weld shrinkage for precise equipment fit-up after field welding, and steel pontoon footing elements for ease of relocation.
  • Since both chassis systems are semi-mobile, they were also designed for an inverted loading condition to be picked up from the underside of the chassis and moved to different locations. This required DCI to determine the exact center of gravity of both structures and under chassis picking points for a heavy lift crawler to pick the entire structure during transport.

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