This is how we do it.

Providing top-notch service requires a know-how to answer the call for any client need.

Whether it's a super sustainable design-build, an historic adaptive re-use, a new park or multi-use facility, we call upon our in-house experts to deliver solutions for our project partners. DCI Engineers is licensed and building in all 50 States!


Innovation is at the heart of our structural solutions. Whether it’s performance, cost savings or sustainable design, our team is changing the conversation on the built environment.

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Our Civil Team is your connection to close, working relationships with local jurisdictions and the key to timely planning and permitting. We are one of the first steps on your project’s pathway to success.

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The DCI industrial team uses its broad experience in structural and mechanical engineering to find out-of-the-box solutions for demanding problems across several industries, tailoring solutions to the constraints of each process.

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Right of Way

Helping our clients from every angle with our “ROW” Team, your navigation expert on land rights, tenant rights and municipality compliance.

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Based out of our Montana offices, DCI's bridge group offers nation-wide inspections, designs and project coordination that connects communities and keeps America's infrastructure on the move.

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