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Since 1988, DCI Engineers has been providing engineering design solutions for our clients.

We are a 22-office, nationwide firm providing civil, structural, right-of-way, industrial & bridge services. DCI is licensed and building in all 50 States, providing our clients regional expertise backed by national experience.


We’re passionate about providing engineering solutions for our industry partners, no matter the project size, scope or materials – from the tallest concrete residential building west of the Mississippi to a single-family home in the Montana foothills, we do it all.

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In addition to investing in technologies that advance design practices and simplify project deliverables, we are challenging traditional building standards. Whether it's proving structural capabilities through Performance Based Design, introducing new materials to local jurisdictions or simply offering creative options, our team of engineers are ready to pencil out your next project.


With 22 regional offices, DCI leverages local knowledge backed by national experience, operating under cross-office collaboration to manage workloads, share intellectual resources and capitalize on thought leadership. This provides our clients with engineering solutions that meet the schedule, support project goals and provide lasting value.

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DCI's comprehensive structural services support the programming needs of a project while meeting the performance standards of local and international building codes.


Our Civil teams connect projects to their surroundings, creating serviceable spaces for tenants, visitors and the community at large. We're bringing developments on line and into the world of modern infrastructure.

...and More!

DCI offers Right-of-Way services and two specialized departments to better serve our clients: our Bridge group is connecting communities across America while our Industrial team is doing some major heavy lifting!

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DCI was founded on the belief that how you work with people is as important as what you do for them.

DCI’s staff are among the finest we’ve ever been exposed to across the U.S. but what sets them in a league all their own is their attention to details and cost sensitive approach to structural design. No other engineering firm we work with tackles a project with the spirit of humility and team-minded approach displayed by DCI.”

-Shannon Earls, Clark Contractors

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