Multi-Family Residential

"Home" is More Than Just a House.

With the expansion of urban centers, multi-family residential projects aren’t just creating a space to live – they’re creating a place to thrive.

Our work

DCI residential projects can be found throughout the U.S., encompassing various construction materials, delivery methods and programming features. From city concrete high-rises and multi-block podiums to Small Town U.S.A. townhomes and apartments. A shared structure provides opportunities for communal areas, mixed-use amenities, spacious interiors and modern layouts – all while keeping in mind the sacredness of personal space.

Affordable Housing

As the need for affordable living continues to grow, so does the importance for finding creative building solutions to help offset costs for our non-profit partners.

DCI has had the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with integrated supportive housing and community plan projects across the country. We are familiar with designing for built environments associated with ADA compliance, the Fair Housing Act, and the Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards (UFAS).

Our projects range from low-income assisted living facilities to mixed-use apartments with in-house community services.

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Going Big for Affordable Housing

Key Considerations

  • Podium
  • High Rise
  • Affordable Housing
  • Site conditions
  • Excavation plan
  • Jurisdictional massing/height/building setback requirements
  • Zoning rules
  • Project budget/schedule
  • Architectural design intent
  • Multi-building or single building development/multi-phase project
  • Number of living units
  • Floor layout
  • Feasibility of a concrete/wood/steel/hybrid structural framing design
  • If a high-rise, integrate performance-based design
  • If a high-rise, evaluate wind forces and occupant comfort
  • Elevator core location
  • Staircase locations
  • Luxury residential options
  • Student housing options
  • Military housing options
  • Senior housing options
  • Market-rate/affordable housing options
  • Mixed-use features
  • Podium
  • Rooftop amenity/mechanical/penthouse deck
  • Below-grade parking levels
  • Basement design/mitigating groundwater level
  • Sustainability/LEED goals
  • Civil engineering needs