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It's not just what we do -- it's who we are that counts.

With 20+ offices that stretch across the United States, from Alaska to the East Coast, DCI is more than just a dynamic portfolio, we’re over 380 technical, design and support staff, each with individual dreams and stories to tell.

Who we are directly correlates to the work we do, which is why DCI is excited to share our unique employee journeys through DCI is ME.

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DCI is ME celebrates the individual experiences of our employees. Our features include staff from all corners of the company -- from technical to non-technical! Each snapshot is unique and, together, they help tell the full story of DCI.

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The Formula of Experience


This is what I do and the projects I work on, whether it's a specialty market or a particular project -- a "day in the life" for anyone who doesn't know the ins and outs of my job. Some things may surprise you!


This is the journey I've been on -- from where I grew up and the important people in my life to what got me interested in my career. It's a long and winding road for sure...


Work hard, play harder! These are the things that keep the fire lit because life is all about being "clocked out," right? Not everyone shares my passion for underwater basket weaving; but hey, it's what I love!

Meet Melissa Sibley, Associate and manager of DCI's Houston office!

Our Values

DCI isn’t just focused on building something tangible, but also building a culture that embraces diverse ideas, equality, and celebrates the individual stories of our employees. We believe diversity drives innovation in an environment that is designed to help employees grow.






Equity & Diversity

Icon for Philanthropy

While DCI is proud to help build within our communities, sometimes a new building just isn’t enough. Helping change the built environment comes with a responsibility to help the people who are a part of it – as well as to the men and women who are entering the industry. Learn More

Icon for Sustainability

As the AEC industry works toward greener building solutions, engineers have an unprecedented opportunity to create impactful change by way of the structure. Learn how DCI is focused on a better, more sustainable future.

Icon for Equity & Diversity

DCI is focused on building something tangible. We're looking to build a culture that embraces diverse ideas, equality, and celebrates the individual stories of our employees. Learn more.

Collaboration happens here on a daily basis because there is so much knowledge involved with our profession, it would be difficult for one person to hold all of it at once. Working with a team of diverse skill sets, sharing information freely, has helped me grow immensely as an engineer.
-Nina Munj, Associate, San Francisco


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The Structural team here at DCI does it all -- from homes to high-rises and everything in between. This group makes up our largest technical staff and is housed in every DCI office.

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At the core of engineering is Civil -- the group that lays the groundwork to get developments up and running. When not partnering with DCI's structural team, this jurisdictional-savvy staff has its own projects to focus on, from private to public, in all sizes and design scopes.

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Heavy Industrial

The nitty gritty of structural engineering, our heavy industrial group is working with some serious load factors -- be it size, sloshing or sifting. Our team often works directly with contractors as these projects are less about architectural aesthetic and all about performance.

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From drawings by hand to BIM modeling, when it comes to the drafting world, we've come a long way, baby. Our designers work directly with DCI technical staff and project partners to deliver drawings that conceptualize the architectural vision through engineering know-how.

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Eglise Bridge – Yellowstone Club_Eglise Near20completion


Our bridge group is connecting communities and keeping America's infrastructure on the move. From inspections and rehabilitations to newly built construction, DCI's bridges vary in size, scope and material. Based in our Montana offices, the bridge team works with a variety of project stakeholders and disciplines, making it one of our most versatile groups in the biz.

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Marketing & Business Development

As the "faces" of DCI, our Marketing & BD groups get the DCI name out there -- from Marketing's messaging to BD's interpersonal relationships, we're looking to connect with clients and celebrate who we are as a company.

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Accounting Anna Careers Page


As DCI's non-technical number crunchers, accounting keeps the lights on and the machine running smoothly. Based in Seattle HQ, this group works with both staff and external parties to make sure all the I's are dotted and T's are crossed -- or rather, that all the math adds up!

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Human Resources

While our structural team focuses on physical foundations, our Human Resources group is the people support of DCI. From benefits resources to wellness initiatives, HR is there to guide us along our DCI journey.

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Sharon Careers Page


As the backbone of operations, our Admin group supports DCI staff across all our offices. They're quick on their feet, adapting to daily priorities that keep us running smoothly and efficiently.

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Now's the time to dive in and put that education to action with an internship at DCI. While things feel a little new, it's also an opportunity to better understand what this whole work thing is all about. You'll find our interns throughout all DCI offices!

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Danielle Jacobs

Advice and key takeaways on an engineering journey - see the video

Perks of the Job

  • 401K
  • Medical/Dental
  • Paid Volunteer Time
  • Health & Wellness Stipend
  • Donation Matching
  • Paid Cell Phone Plan
  • Growth & Skillset Opportunities
  • Technology R & D
  • Continuing Education
  • PE License Support
  • Organized Events
  • Mentorship Program
  • Wellness Program

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