Heavy Industrial

The right framework and a solid foundation.

It's what you deserve in a company, and it's what you'll find here. At DCI, we're all for supporting big things... including your heavy industrial career!

As part of our Heavy Industrial team, you're assisting with some of the region's most significant projects that are delivering important goods and resources to communities -- local and worldwide. This exciting facet of our structural division is a great opportunity to explore a more selective and interactive project element with equal need for innovation and creative thinking.

Industrial Skill Sets

Cold-Formed Steel


Cold-form steel is the workhorse material for commercial tenant improvement projects and is being used more frequently for residential and podium projects. Our team has provided structural design services for a variety of cold-form steel projects, many of which are apartment and condominium buildings.



Our award-winning concrete designs are a testament to our team’s distinctive talent with this material. DCI has completed numerous cost-effective concrete projects (even a sustainable building) made possible with thoughtful, efficient design. Our team’s contributions range from concrete podiums to concrete high-rises to industrial tilt-up.



For highly schedule-driven projects, steel often offers a competitive advantage when it comes to the construction schedule. Our various in-house technical committees have an excellent understanding of the benefits and tradeoffs of steel design solutions.

Construction Design


Our team frequently takes on the structural “constructioneering” support tasks that are necessary to help contractors provide efficient means and methods in delivering projects on time and under budget. We often provide services for the design of temporary structures, tower crane foundations, temporary shoring, and temporary bracing for erection, lifting, or transportation. Our engineers also provide specialty structural engineering services for the design of design-build components such as stairs, cladding, and glass.

Damage Assessment


Many members of our team of licensed structural engineers are qualified to provide damage assessments after significant fire, wind, and seismic events. We frequently visit tree-damaged structures to assess conditions and help property owners understand their options. Additionally, we have team members who are experienced in post-earthquake damage assessments, which have been required after recent historically significant seismic events.

Energy, Aviation, Industrial, and Water Resources


DCI possesses the depth of experience necessary to design industrial structures. In fact, our various industrial project span across four continents around the world. We have a knack for understanding each project’s unique requirements and designing the right facility for each situation. Our diverse projects include heat recovery systems, steam water distillation systems, mining conveyors and crushers, wastewater treatment plants, aircraft hangars, waste-to-fuel plants, bio-diesel plants, and cogeneration plants.

Vibration Analysis


Our team has a great deal of experience with life science research and medical facilities, which require special consideration of the structure’s vibration characteristics. We are extremely adept at developing structures that meet stringent vibration criteria without significantly impacting the cost. We have performed successful vibration analyses for various research facilities, hospital operation rooms, vivariums, and other vibration-sensitive structures.

Value Engineering


DCI believes value engineering is an ongoing process that begins and ends with communication. From the beginning of the design process, we prioritize solutions that bring the most value to a project, whether through reduced construction cost, innovative concepts, or effective scheduling. We help trim the cost of a project by analyzing existing drawings and finding different solutions that would be more cost-efficient.



We pride ourselves in helping private and municipal clients with creative, new infrastructure and revitalizing existing infrastructure such as sanitary water and sewer systems. Sustainable design is important for the development and growth of communities. Our team works directly with utility purveyors to meet applicable local guidelines to ensure a seamless permitting process. Detailed analysis and modeling is critical to providing cost effective solutions and maximize benefit to the project.

Metal Producers and Product Manufacturers


Working around routine production schedules and outages can require extensive planning, particularly with the installation of new customized equipment. Our industrial engineers understand that time is money and create solutions that can be installed and commissioned quickly and efficiently.



We have worked on almost every power generation dam along the Snake and Columbia rivers. Our experience includes custom-built mechanisms for maintenance cranes, gate hoists, gates, fish mitigation, and navigation locks.

Mining and Material Handling


Our team designs material handling equipment for iron, coal, molybdenum, copper, and gold mines located around the world. From long-span conveyors to semi-mobile crushers, our team works with process engineers to design mining and material handling equipment which supports a variety of process systems and operations. With many of these projects being fabricated and installed overseas, we understand it is imperative that our drawings are complete, precise, and constructible.



Our seasoned engineers have more than 40 years of experience working with cranes of all types. Our vast knowledge of cranes includes: specialty and custom cranes, drive systems, hoist systems, rehabilitations, re-rates, trolleys, runways, loads tests, supporting structures, and below-the-hook lifting devices.

Power Generation and Transmission


Our staff has been the engineer-of-record for a variety of power generating systems: hydro, wind, solar, fossil fuel, biofuel, and nuclear, along with transmission infrastructure.



Much of our staff comes from small farming communities and appreciate the uniqueness of the industry. DCI addresses design needs for grain storage facilities, flour processing plants, and farming equipment.



DCI has been providing permitting services for public and private clients for over 25 years. Our engineers are experienced in permitting new development through local, state and federal agencies. Our engineers have successfully completed floodplain development permits, Section 404 Permitting through the US Army Corps of Engineers, Coastal Development permits, and NEPA.

Load Rating


DCI has extensive experience load rating all type of bridges and dealing with multiple State DOTs. We have AASHTOWare BrR and other software that is generally required by States.

Structural Health Monitoring

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