Prescription for Wellness.

Today's healthcare specialists were guided by DCI leadership responsible for the firm’s structural basis of design, which derived from the Facility Guidelines Institute’s (FGI) standards in the Guidelines for Design and Construction of Healthcare Facilities. The basis of design directs our staff on how to design framing systems ideal for hospital and medical facility programming - promoting flexibility and efficiency.

Our work

Video by DCI Project Manager, Mark Leppert.

Our project managers focused on this industry are familiar with designing health science facilities and critical infrastructure for state-of-the-art built environments. We can design new structures, additions, renovations or remodels to existing facilities, vibration analysis, design/build arrangements, seismic evaluation and upgrades. Our staff can identify locations in the building design that can be economically constructed for heavier loading or can accommodate more sensitive equipment. We’re prescriptive with our structural and civil healthcare designs, so medical directors can concentrate on the health and stamina of their staff and patients.

Key Considerations

  • Material Types
  • Vibration Mitigation for Imaging Equipment
  • Layout Considerations for Staff
  • Acoustics
  • Biophilia
  • Project Delivery Methods (IPD)
  • Flexibility for Future Expansion
  • Fire Rating
  • Essential Facility

Healthcare Leaders

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Mathew Wies

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Shirley Chalupa

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Chris Schlegel