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Shirley Chalupa


Principal, Portland

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For me, the best part of a project is during design and construction. I love the way everybody from different fields collaborates to achieve one goal. At the end of the day, a great project will materialize into something that can be useful to so many people.”

Shirley’s professional experience on the West coast and East coast makes her a truly valuable resource for the DCI team. With over 24 years of experience, her project portfolio ranges from high profile multi-story cultural and governmental projects, to higher education and commercial seismic retrofits. Shirley’s knowledge and expertise, combined with her exceptional skills as a project manager, makes her an asset to any design team.

  • What is your dream project location? Barcelona, Spain.
  • What would you name an engineering superhero? McGiver, because he gives solution with what's available at the time.
  • What was your favorite class in college? Believe it or not, English Literature.

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