Volumetric, factory-built blocks, sections, or units.

Construction assembly by stacking together pre-manufactured building sections is not a traditional site-build approach. Collaborating with our specialized modular engineering staff proves invaluable when you want to know what really works and what does not work with volumetric development. Know what your options are between a conventional stick framed system and a steel or wood modular system.

Our work

The factors for a successful modular project can be overwhelming. The owner and the project team must consider the site location, transport methods (and reducing delivery efforts), a well-thought structural design for load resistance, site staging, construction sequencing, and crane logistics. Most importantly, every team member needs a real understanding of the architectural limits to modular designs, the dual permitting processes, and project impacts to budget and speed of construction.

DCI’s modular experts can help building developers and project team members navigate this intensive process. Our engineering team generate detailed building component lists clarifying to the factory-built and site-built reviewers and inspectors what is their responsibility, and what it is not. Our engineers can also help the project team truly understand how the structural systems integrate with architectural, MEP, and fire protection elements with Building Information Modeling (BIM).

Key Considerations

  • Steel
  • Wood
  • Sustainable Living Innovations (SLI)
  • Residential/hospitality/workforce housing use
  • Zoning rules
  • Site size
  • Soil conditions
  • Building height
  • Wood vs steel modular units
  • Concrete podium option
  • Determine site built and factory-built components
  • Interconnectivity between modular units
  • Interface connections with supporting materials
  • Modular fabricator
  • Jurisdictional building code requirements
  • Modular delivery and loading conditions
  • Modular stacking sequence
  • Fast-track project schedule

Modular Leaders

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Troy E. Bean

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Paul D. Rogness

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Craig Stainer

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