Mass Timber

Pioneers in Mass Timber.

As the popularity of mass timber grows (along with its sustainable forests), developers and architects alike explore ways to integrate this beautiful construction method into their buildings. DCI’s mass timber experts are helping them do just that, often creating many mass timber “firsts.”

Our work

DCI’s first goal for any project is to establish driving factors for our clients. Whether it’s speed of construction, cost savings opportunities or capitalizing on mass timber’s biophilic benefits, we provide our project partners full picture services to help them assess and meet their project drivers.

Our team has helped bring multiple projects--first of their kind--to market, from California’s first multi-story mass timber building to the nation’s first mass plywood panel project.

Let DCI help guide you out of the woods!

Key Considerations

  • Building height
  • Floor-to-ceiling heights
  • Cost comparisons with other structural systems
  • Aesthetics of exposed surfaces
  • Soil conditions
  • Deep pile foundation
  • Lighter structural system
  • Life Cycle Assessment
  • Seismic performance
  • Fire performance
  • Construction sequencing
  • Hybrid floor slabs (with concrete topping)
  • Delivery logistics of mass timber products
  • Construction schedule
  • Dampening noise
  • Floor and wall penetrations
  • Biophilia
  • LEED certification points
  • Embodied carbon reduction
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