Higher Education

Collegiate Aspirations.

The firm’s portfolio includes about 730 campus housing and higher education projects throughout the country – some are even state-of-the-art, award-winning facilities.

Our work

Our structural and civil teams that have repeatedly designed campus buildings know how to accomplish a high standard, consistent aesthetic desired by collegiate institutions. Their talent can be seen in the framing designs they developed for student recreation centers, expansions, auditoriums, historic campus buildings, assembly halls, parking garages, sports facilities, and stadiums. Principals and staff members of DCI also have a thorough understanding of working within specific policies and procedures for universities and other educational systems, government agencies, and public agencies to comply with protocols and stay within budget.

Key Considerations

  • Classroom Space
  • Future Flexibility
  • Sustainability
  • Lab Space
  • Programming and Stakeholders
  • IPD

Higher Education Leaders

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Justin Cook

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Shirley Chalupa

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Ryan Slaybaugh

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Robert MacIntosh

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Kyle Kraxberger

Matt Hubbard web

Matthew Hubbard

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Justin Wei

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Jon Deck