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Justin Wei


Principal, San Diego


I've always enjoyed the construction process and visualizing how a building will be put together - engineering allows you to be involved in every facet of that process.”

Justin has been a valued member of the DCI Engineers team since 2005. He has project experience in designing structures using various materials including concrete, wood, cold-formed steel, structural steel, and masonry. Many of Justin’s projects are designed with multiple construction materials. Justin’s expertise includes podium, mixed-use, educational, residential and renovation projects. His responsibilities include project management throughout the design process, coordinating construction documents, and construction support management. His experience has made him adept at coordinating with multiple disciplines to provide the owner with a cost-effective, efficient design.

What is the most interesting phase in the structural design process?

The Schematic Design Phase – this is where we can typically have the most impact to the overall building design. and make sure the structure works with the architecture of the building.

From your perspective, how does DCI bring value to a client's project?

DCI is willing to push the limits of engineering it order achieve the project design objectives. DCI is also committed to providing unique and innovative solutions throughout the construction support phase of our projects.

What is your favorite part about your profession?

Watching a building I’ve designed come to life during construction. It’s exciting to see the all the exposed structure prior to being wrapped up by finishes.

Favorite projects

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Pendry Hotel