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Jon Deck


Principal, San Diego


The scale of the finished product in our industry is awesome and humbling. Our contributions make the built environment in which we live possible.”

Since joining the company in 2006, Jon has become a vital member of DCI’s San Diego office. With over 15 years of experience structural engineering experience designing high-rise, mixed use, hospitality, commercial, military and higher-ed projects, his knowledge and expertise is well-rounded and enables him to provide creative solutions for clients. He is adept at designs with a wide array of construction materials, specializing in concrete and masonry. Jon keeps customer service at the forefront of his mind during a project’s design, ensuring constant communication with clients and contractors.

What is the most interesting phase in the structural design process?
The beginning! I really enjoy laying out the different structural systems for a building from the bottom up.

Why do you like being a structural engineer?
The finished product. It is very rewarding to see a project from start to finish.

From your perspective, how does DCI bring value to a client’s project?
Keeping an open mind about potential efficiencies that could save a client time or money.

Favorite projects

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Mr. Robinson

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