Tenant Improvements

Reprogramming interior space.

DCI Engineers has partnered with architects and interior designers by providing structural engineering support for numerous tenant improvement (TI) projects, including offices, retail shops, and restaurants. Our TI engineering group fulfill end-user requirements by anticipating needs and program changes to built environments. The result is designing adaptive structures which support floor layout flexibility with less impact to budgets and schedules.

Our work

Whatever the scope of work, DCI can engineer efficient framing, anchoring, reinforcement, and wall or floor systems to accomplish the specific TI function. We’ve provided layout support for cash wraps and storefronts, partitioned workspaces, electrical rooms, curtain walls, employee break areas, and main feature stairwells - to name a few examples. Our team’s attention to interior details and constructability brings a branded look, function, and layout requested by our clients of various industries.

Key Considerations

  • Interior design intent
  • Assessment of existing building conditions
  • If the project involves a multi-level building, can the project team access the floors below/above the TI level?
  • Determine if a new framing system is needed
  • Does the project involve a basement level?
  • Floor and wall penetrations for stairwell/skylight/MEP system
  • Infill openings
  • How to maximize usable space
  • Project requirements to keep business/service/school open during renovation
  • Partition/moveable walls
  • Relocation of bearing walls
  • Ceiling features
  • Suspended pedestrian bridge
  • Anchoring new rooftop units or MEP systems
  • Fiber wrap solution
  • Decipher demolition plan
  • Conduct floor vibration performance
  • ADA compliance
  • Retrofitting an elevator

Tenant Improvement Leaders

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Bruce Zhong

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Danielle Jacobs