National Parks

Preservation & Recreation.

There are no words that can tell the hidden spirit of the wilderness, that can reveal its mystery, its melancholy, and its charm."
-President Theodore Roosevelt
Our work

First, it was Yellowstone (in 1872), then it was the establishment of the National Park Service (in 1916), and today, there are 63 designated National Parks in the U.S.

These diverse and wild ecosystems are not only home to a variety of wildlife and native plant species, they serve as landmarks to the perseveration of both history and recreation.

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Structural Solutions to Preserve & Promote

DCI is working with our National Parks to help preserve our existing structures and build new spaces that will carry the legacy of our parks.

Key Considerations

  • Seismic Upgrades to Existing Structures
  • Historically Sensitive Designs
  • Coordination with Federal & State-Level Agencies
  • Federal-Specific RP-10 Seismic Evaluations
  • Location-Specific Forensic Analysis & Structural Upgrades/Repairs
  • Interdisciplinary Coordination
  • Application of ASCE-41 & the International Existing Building Code (IEBC)
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Purchase a National Park Pass

The best way to know your parks is to see them for yourself! Plan your visit and explore what our National Parks have to offer.

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Samantha Fox

Associate Principal, Bozeman


I love learning about the history and past life of an existing structure and piecing together all the available information to figure out how it was put together, what it’s been through in its lifetime, and how we can make it viable for the next generation.”

Our Values

DCI isn’t just focused on building something tangible, but also building a culture that embraces diverse ideas, equality, and celebrates the individual stories of our employees. We believe diversity drives innovation in an environment that is designed to help employees grow.






Equity & Diversity

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While DCI is proud to help build within our communities, sometimes a new building just isn’t enough. Helping change the built environment comes with a responsibility to help the people who are a part of it – as well as to the men and women who are entering the industry. Learn More

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As the AEC industry works toward greener building solutions, engineers have an unprecedented opportunity to create impactful change by way of the structure. Learn how DCI is focused on a better, more sustainable future.

Icon for Equity & Diversity

DCI is focused on building something tangible. We're looking to build a culture that embraces diverse ideas, equality, and celebrates the individual stories of our employees. Learn more.